Forest Giant

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The sheer size of this Kauri Tree (Agathis Australis)

makes it very hard to photograph and give a true

perspective at around 2.5-3 metres across the



Photography tip for when deleting photos:

Delete shots from your downloaded files in your PC

- do not do it in camera as it shortens the life

and useability of your storage media.

Instead use format in your camera menu and the

storage media will be as new again. Always use

good quality media, Sony Sandisc, Lexar in the

first place and you will have years of trouble free


I am going to the Historic GP at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park

tomorrow to get some more car portraits - this time I will be

shooting in full frame RAW format to enable large prints to be ordered

by enthusiasts. These shots are a huge user of disc storage so I

will delete them after 3-4 months.

_DSC1568_DSC1568Giant Kauri Tree (Agathis Australis)


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