A great day

January 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I went out to try something different today, a time

lapse at a favourite location at the Aratiatia rapids

North of Taupo NZ. First attempt had a bit of a hiccup

when the memory card filled up while on auto shooting.

I was trying to combine a slow shutter speed with a

variable ND filter to get a flow in the water. The second attempt 

just came out with no flow and water blurry. Result

deletion of all the 56 shots taken. Try again tomorrow!


On the location I saw some graffiti, which really annoys, I

found out who to report it to and got a very rapid response,

Mercury Energy dislike graffiti as well. I Also found a burned out

car- turned out it had been stolen and dumped 18 months ago

dumped in the middle of pristine native bush and torched.

Never mind the moron that stole the car in the first place

but the total lunacy of burning it where a catastrophic fire could

have wiped out acres of bush. Looked like it had been involved

in a crash as well. The insurance company will be advised and

should remove it soon.


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